It can be a challenge keeping up with the news as well as knowing which sources you can trust.

We are keeping our website updated with the latest information available.

If you’re looking for comprehensive news, Prime Minister Trudeau is speaking every day at about 11am. It’s available on most news channels, but it’s also being streamed on YouTube. If you spend a couple of hours, you learn about everything new (and stay ahead of the curve on anything meme-worthy the PM has said!). I would also suggest sticking around to hear the various minsters speak. They go more in-depth than the PM and include important details that may have inadvertently been left out. Of course, his speech can’t be comprehensive and cover every last detail, but case in point, Trudeau spoke about students benefits, but didn’t mention that if a student is eligible for CERB, they are not eligible for student aid as well.

The news is everywhere. Please make sure your sources are credible (CBC, CTV, other national networks and newspapers.) Fringe news outlets and some random person’s rant on YouTube do not count. Partisan news sources are not a good thing to rely on.

If you want more, visit Bill Morneau’s website and sign up for his newsletter. The information is quite good. So good in fact, that we use some of it on our website, verbatim. (With full credit, of course).